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Blue SplitPea

$ 9.95

Blue SplitPea
Blue SplitPea Blue SplitPea Blue SplitPea Blue SplitPea Blue SplitPea Blue SplitPea

$ 9.95

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Take back control, enjoy better call quality, and add some color to your EarPods with SplitPea. Each comes with an insert revealing tons of EarPod features, and a RockBand for extra staying power when you need it.

Want more color and customization? Add a 5-Pack of RockBands for just five bucks more! 

Five percent of profits from a blue SplitPea supports the Waterkeeper Alliance, as part of our World of Color conservation campaign.

We'll ship yours free within 24 hours of ordering via USPS First Class Mail. We've also included options for faster shipping in case you needed this, like, yesterday.

This bad boy was designed and manufactured the in the good ol' USA using FDA-grade silicon. It's non-toxic, incredibly durable, flexible in any temperature, stretch-proof, and dishwasher safe. But, most of all, it's really fun to squeeze.

SplitPea is compatible only with Apple EarPods - the same model included with iPhones 5, 6, and 7. SplitPea is compatible with EarPods featuring the new lightning connector.

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