SplitPea Sound


SplitPea was originally designed for winter sports, but our fans love them for all kinds of adventure - whether you're bombing a ski run, or just out for a hike with your pup. Here's what they're saying.

I answered my phone via SplitPea while bombing a groomer at Alta. Dude did not even notice I was moving. The other great thing: it's not just easier to press, but so much easier to find when you are reaching for it. 
– Andrew, Denver, CO
Aside from the iPhone itself, this is the best technology invention I use on a daily basis.
- Ken, Mooresville, NC
I expected the increased dexterity, but what surprised me most was how well it cut wind noise. My $200 blutooth is worthless in the wind, but this is great. 
– Brian, Charlotte, NC
I literally feel completely incapable of using my phone when I don't have my SplitPea.
– Hillary, Charlottesville, VA
From placing the order to utilizing this amazing product, the entire process has been wonderful! Communication was consistent (and entertaining)! Customer service has been supreme.
– Whitney, Washington, DC